Empowering Women to have a fulfilling life.


Women wear many hats that involve different roles and responsibilities in life.  Sometimes these roles and responsibilities can cause many struggles and challenges to a women that can make her feel defeated and hopeless.  Elect Ladies Transition Home (ELTH) provides a faith-based, stable living place for struggling women to become empowered to live a fulfilling life. 


ELTH’s Christian based programs foster an atmosphere of faith, self-worth, love, and respect.  ELTH purpose is to come alongside the residents in the home to equip them with the skills to develop a healthy self-identity and empower them with basic life, spiritual, emotional and psychological skills.  It will provide the residents the necessary tools to allow them to become self-sufficient..

Elect Ladies will support residents as they develop a healthy identity and self-awareness.  On a daily basis, Elect Ladies empowers,educates and motivates its ladies as they gain the spiritual, emotional and psychological skills necessary to lead them into their new beginning.  Sessions will include, but are not limited to the following:


healthy self-awareness
healthy relationships
anger management
budgeting and finance

boundary and assertion
dealing with depression
job placement skills
faith building and other spiritual disciplines

Who We Are

Elect Ladies Transition Home is a 501C3 faith based organization. It is established in Prince William County Virginia. 


Elect Ladies Transition Home is an organization dedicated to providing a place of hope to women who are struggling to handle life's difficulties, are homeless, and just need to know that there is hope.


The purpose of Elect Ladies Transition Home is to provide a faith-based environment, suitable to equip women with skills to develop a healthy self-identity and help struggling women to become empowered to live a fulfilling life.


Elect Ladies will impart to the residents basic life, spiritual emotional and psychological skills such as: having a healthy

self-awareness, having healthy relationships, boundary skills, anger management skills, crisis intervention, dealing with depression, parenting skills, budgeting and financial planning, faith building and other spiritual disciplines.

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